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She Potted House Plant Art Self Care Quote Bundle

She Potted House Plant Art Self Care Quote Bundle

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You are not meant to be in a box, just to be average, or content with just being content. You want more!  Learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and challenge yourself. You can only begin to succeed at your dreams if you start with the right mindset,  believe in yourself, and your ability to accomplish what you set your mind to do. Bring in emotional self care quotes and affirmations just like this one to help you remember just that!

Look no more for the perfect motivational and feminine botanical wall art to decorate your new woman cave, college dorm room, new apartment, home office, work office, school classroom and any other space you want to decorate and add a bit of emotional self care while you work.  It's motivation, self care, and a love of houseplants or faux plants colliding! This wall art features botanical greenery, Alocasia Polly potted houseplant and is the perfect addition to get you motivated and inspired. 


Here is what you’ll receive:

Please note that this is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD listing. No physical product will be mailed to you. 

You can size up or down to fit the following frame sizes:

2:3 ratio file- 4x6 in  6x9 in  8x12 in  10x15 in  12x18 in  16x24 in  20x30 in  24x36 in

⭐3:4 ratio file -6x8 in  9X12 in  12x16 in  15x20 in  18x24 in  24x30 in

⭐4:5 ratio file- 4x5 in  8x10in  12x15 in  16x20in  20x25 in  24x30 in

⭐11 X14 in file (single size)

⭐5X7 in file (single size)

⭐Desktop file

⭐Mobile file

⭐Thank You Download/Printing Instructions 

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