I am a mom, but before I ever experienced motherhood I was a woman who just happened to also be a teacher. I was a second grade teacher for about 8 years and have also worked with students in grades Kindergarten, 3rd, 4th, and 5th in other capacities. Through my teaching career, I learned some very important things. One being how significantly important it is for children to have confidence, self-esteem and personal self value, as well as having a positive growth mindset… positive thinking of themselves.

I saw how important it was to teach children how to build and develop a positive growth mindset.  A child with a positive mindset is not afraid to make mistakes, will ask questions, are willing to try new things, is able to positively cope with being unsuccessful at something, and will go out to try again after being unsuccessful the first time. These children are persistent, determined, confident, critical thinkers that are not afraid to make mistakes. On the other hand, children that struggle with positive thinking usually don’t ask or want to answer questions, are afraid to make mistakes, and struggle to analyze or think in a way that challenges themselves. Most importantly, they struggled with confidence, and sometimes even low self-esteem and self doubt. 

With this knowledge and experience, I realized that these are needs that go beyond teaching reading, writing, and math. I then completed my masters in school counseling and used what I learned to help students build a positive perception of themselves so that they would learn to believe in their abilities. It was then that I learned that in order to have a greater impact on children’s perception, positive thinking and confidence, it would need to start with their parents and caretakers…. Especially moms. When moms grow their positive growth mindset and participate in self care, they will inadvertently teach and instill this in their children as well. Moms and caretakers that feel good mentally, emotionally, and physically are able to give to their children in a way that is incomparable to anything that I could give in a classroom during one academic year. The benefits will be lifelong for children. 

Therefore, my desire with Smom’s Lifestyle is to encourage, uplift, and inspire women and moms to help them build their positive thinking through my digital art collections, other products, and resources. It is my mission to Empower Women and Moms in order to Empower their children for life. Empowered Women, Empower Women!