What’s the story behind Smom’s Lifestyle?

Hey there SMOM… Strong Mama on a Mission! My smom journey began April 4,2014 with the birth of my first child... a baby boy (I am now a proud mama of 2! My husband and I welcomed a sweet and precious baby girl to the family on December 17, 2021). That is the day that my baby boy was born and I became a mom for the very first time! Now, at this time, I had no idea what journey motherhood would bring. I, as many new moms do, struggled a bit in the beginning handling the demands that motherhood can bring; the late nights with a fussy baby, 5,000 diaper changes, calling the nurse helpline every other day because there is something you have a question or concern about, etc. I could go on and on, but I enjoyed every bit of being a mama! As my son grew up and I watched him meet those expected milestones like sitting up, crawling, saying that first word that all mamas wait for, I grew more and more in LOVE with my baby which in my mind seemed unimaginable with all the love that I already felt. I was able to learn my little one's personality, and boy, does he have a BIG one! 

After his first birthday, there were some things that started to stand out a bit more with developmental milestones and his speech, but I thought, maybe he was just a late bloomer. Then, what seemed like small tummy issues that were once fixed with a little prune juice seemed to become a greater concern. I noticed more that he was sensitive to sounds, large groups of people, and a bit a of a picky eater. It wasn't until one Sunday at church, a woman who had been sitting in front of me (who also happened to be a nurse) approached my husband and I after church service. She went on and on about things that she noticed about my son, things that were all true, but I wondered, how could she have noticed and knew all of this from sitting in front of us for an hour and a half? On one hand, I was angry that this woman that I don't know, suggested that my son may be on the spectrum (ASD). Then, I felt incompetent as a mom, shouldn't I know if something is wrong? I also experienced feelings of frustration and confusion, thinking, "What am I supposed to do now? How can I help my baby? Is it something that I missed?” I was worried and felt, why does my child have to be the one to deal with this? In my own ignorance, thinking that this was a punishment of some sort or that my son wouldn’t have the same quality of life as other kids. 

I began researching and praying that God would help my son and lead me to get connected to the professionals and people that would be able to guide my baby to grow, prosper, and live to me more than a label. At that very moment, I was determined and on a mission to DO ALL that I could and get him all the services and resources available for what HE needed. I learned how to cook differently, learned about vitamins and mineral deficiency, detoxing, natural/holistic therapies and supplements, speech therapy, occupational therapy and so much more. From the time that I spoke with this stranger at church, I knew it was a God intervention and I am beyond thankful to her as well as all of the doctors, therapists, teachers, and caretakers that have helped my son grow and thrive in the various stages of his life. 

From this journey, ArtistiKIDly Me As I Am (aKIDme) seed was planted in 2017 and birthed in 2019 which later transcended to Smom’s (Strong Mama on a Mission) Lifestyle shortly after. This brand is special because of the journey that comes with motherhood, a tale that compares to none other. A journey that only mamas will ever understand and a path that only STRONG mama’s on a mission can withstand! You are a mama whether you have a child(ren) that you birthed, adopted, or even have little ones that look to you as a caretaker in any capacity, including teachers and educators . This makes you an elite member of the Smom’s Lifestyle community. Enjoy the journey, celebrate the journey, and spread your knowledge of this journey while inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting Smoms from all walks of life. So in a nutshell, I empower Smoms because Empowered Women, Empower Women!  #smomslifestyle