What's your self-care battery status? Low? Need to Recharge Yours?

Choosing yourself doesn't make you selfish, it makes you wise. It means that you understand that your self care isn't selfish, it' necessary. You understand that it is connected to your peace, productivity, and presence for the ones you truly love. It means that you know that you must invest in you BEFORE you can help any one else. After all, what can you give to someone else, if you're feeling empty and broken?

Devote time to you and start recharging today.

Designed for moms by a mom.

Hey Lady!

I am Jessica “Jess Peachy.” I am a mom to a handsome and fun loving 7 year old son named Kevin and a beautiful baby girl named Kenzie. I am also a wife and 2nd grade teacher turned business mama.

I am here to encourage, uplift, and inspire mamas to practice daily self care with easy and simple ideas.

Mom life can be hard, but girl you are not alone. We all need a pep talk and self care.

I will help you grow a positive mindset, learn how to reduce your stress, and create simple and easy habits with self care.

Its takes tons of energy to keep up as a mom, let your self care fuel you WHILE you navigate motherhood and all the desires of your heart.

Start your self love and self care journey with me today!


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Self Care Blogs

You often take care of everyone else except for one very important person... YOURSELF. It's time to change that! Check out my self care blogs to learn how you can create sustainable and transformative habits and become a happier and stress free mom. Guarnteed to be nourishing and enlightening to every mom's soul!

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Journey to Motherhood

My smom journey began April 4,2014 with the birth of my first child... a baby boy (I am now a proud mama of 2!). My husband and I welcomed a sweet and precious baby girl to the family on December 17, 2021. That is the day that my baby boy was born and I became a mom for the very first time!

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