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Smom’s Lifestyle Collection was created to encourage, uplift, and inspire all moms through their unique journey of motherhood.

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. S.M.O.M. an acronym that I use for any mom, stepmom, grand-mom, great grandmother, godmother, aunt, sister, caretaker, or even teacher who has a little one that looks up to them as a mom or mommy figure. So for every S.M.O.M. out there who is wearing what sometimes feels like 500 hats and trying to do all they can to make the difference in the life a child that you birthed or children that you simply just  love… know that YOU ARE AWESOME! Continue being the S.M.O.M. that you are… your little person is greatly inspired by it and appreciates it too!

Episode: 11 The Smom Dream is Free, But the Hustle is Sold Separately- Create a Plan
Sometimes, when we get a new idea and we are thrilled to get to work and jump in head first!
NEW YEAR, NEW ATTITUDE, NEW PLANS I am Jessica Gay, wife, mother, teacher, and a mom in business, working hard
Routines, in my opinion, are the best thing since sliced bread! A good routine goes hand in hand with organization
Whether your child is remote or in the school building, brain breaks are essential. We can not operate like the
There has been so much controversy over getting our kids back in school. I am a teacher and a parent
Tip #2 Try to Keep/Maintain Consistent Weekly Schedule
It’s important to keep a sense of normalcy within times when it feels like there is none. One way you
Check out this first tip to get you started with structuring and organizing the chaos to make for a smoother
How to Keep Your Marbles in the Midst of a Pandemic
Wow! I can’t believe that it’s winter already! This year has been quite interesting, and that is putting it EXTREMELY
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I’m Jessica, also known as Jess Peachy-Bloggin S.M.O.M.! I am a child of God, a wife, a mom, a teacher,
Our Story Blog
Hey there SMOM… Strong Mama on a Mission! My Smom journey, and it has been quite a journey, began April
Hey there Smom! I know that you are a busy mama working toward the Smom Lifestyle, but guess what? So
care for yourself
Hey there S.M.O.M! If you missed the first Blog, S.M.O.M. What, you may want to consider pausing this read to

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