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Hawaiian Natural Soap Self Care Gift Box

Give the gift of self care and help a woman become the architect of her own happiness and inner peace.

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Surrender, Allow, Be Present Self Care Gift Box

Release the weight of things beyond your control, let go, & make space for good things to naturally unfold. Allow the beauty of unexpected joy and peace with our S.A.B Gift Box. Let the velvety caress of our Hibiscus Natural Soap, do a fragrant dance of floral notes that transport you to a Hawaiian sunset. Let the Plumeria Loofah Soap gently exfoliate, revealing your radiant glow, & Lavender Fields lulls you into a state of deep calm.

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Do you ever feel like your life is so out of balance that you feel like you just don't know how to keep up?

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by your "to do" list that even everyday tasks, like washing dishes or keeping up with laundry has left you feeling emotionally train wrecked and is no longer a simple check off the to-do list?

Smom's Lifestyle is here to support you.

Download 7 Days of Inspiration and Self Care to get practical ideas and encouragement to grow your resilience so you can start living & giving from a place of overflow- stop squeezing dry sponges and add this download now. It's your gateway to peaceful living

Your Bundle of Peace to Nourish Your Soul & Refill Your Cup

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Hey There!

I am Jessica a.k.a. “Jess Peachy.” I am a wife and a mom to a handsome and fun loving 9 year old son named Kevin and a beautiful 1 year old baby girl named Kenzie (they keep me on my toes)!

After leaving my full-time teaching career of over 10 years, I am dedicated to helping ambitious women & moms focus on their mental health and self care so you create a lifestyle that feels less overwhelming, less anxious, less stressful.

Faith with a bit of self care mixed with a mindset to win have been transformational in my life. My desire is to bring you natural soap and products that encourage you and help you achieve more work life balance, peace, the stress relief you need to be your best self. By giving words that speak to your soul, bring you peace, grow your confidence, and strengthen your spirit, I without a doubt believe that you will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. You will be able to once again pursue the ambitions of your own heart... rekindle that spark, grow your faith and do it without burning out.

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My Smom journey began April 4,2014 with the birth of my first child... a baby boy (I am now a proud mama of 2! My husband and I welcomed a sweet and precious baby girl to the family on December 17, 2021.)That is the day that my baby boy was born and I became a mom for the very first time!

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What is the best way to treat burnout?

Burnout is not on your list of things to do, so let's end this cycle.

It's time to take away the frustrations, the stress and all the overwhelm in your day.

Let's nurture YOU in all aspects of life. An easy way to start is to add beautiful, calming wallpapers to your desktop or laptop to be little reminders that you are strong and resilient. It will be your intentional reminder that your ambitions and love for the ones that you hold closest to your heart don't have to leave you bearing the weight of constant stress and anxiety. Yes, you can live life with more balance and your life can flow with more peace. Start now with our Aloha Peace- Surrender, Allow, Be Present Natural Soap Self Care Box.

Lavender Bliss Natural Soap Box

Self Care Blogs

Dream big! You can have your virgin Mai Tai and drink it too...

Faith. Self Care. & Mindset.

Learn how to nurture yourself in all aspects of life without the anxiety and stress. Sometimes life is just so hectic and overwhelming. It can leave you feeling like you don't have the strength or know just know how to cope and keep up with it all. Read the blog to feed and nourish your heart, mind and soul.

You grow girl!

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Self Care Affirmations- Smartwatch Face FREE Downloads

Are you feeling pretty much the opposite of peace?

Access my FREE collection of boho inspired smart watch faces to add more inspiration to your day!

Download your favorite to experience the harmonious blend of technology and tranquility with your smart watch.

It's just a nudge to remind you to check in on YOU too.

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