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Rise and Shine Botanical Wall Art & Desk Affirmations for Work Life Balance Bundle

Rise and Shine Botanical Wall Art & Desk Affirmations for Work Life Balance Bundle

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When your life seems out of balance, it's often because you're spending too much time in an area that may not be serving you in the way that it should or once was.

Self care can help power you through the tough patch so it doesn't seem greater than the rainbow that follows. Without it, you'll burnout before you reach your goal. 

When you are feeling out of balance because your self care is out of balance, its hard to have clarity and a clear perspective. 

Use Rise and Shine Affirmations for Work Life Balance as your gentle nudge. Your reminder, that it's okay to take time for yourself. Give yourself permission to let work feel good again with more balance and self care to make you simply unstoppable with your new found energy.  

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 Here is what you’ll receive:

Wallpaper 1920x1080 pixel (300DPI) compatible with Windows and Mac

2:3 ratio file- 4x6 in  6x9 in  8x12 in  10x15 in  12x18 in  16x24 in  20x30 in  24x36 in

3:4 ratio file -6x8 in  9X12 in  12x16 in  15x20 in  18x24 in  24x30 in

4:5 ratio file- 4x5 in  8x10in  12x15 in  16x20in  20x25 in  24x30 in

11 X14 in file (single size)

5X7 in file (single size)

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