Episode 7: Tip#3 Create a “Comfy”, but Productive Work Space

There has been so much controversy over getting our kids back in school. I am a teacher and a parent so I can see it from both angles. I definitely understand the challenges that exist with having the kids at home for learning. Everyone’s home/work life looks and is different which can have a huge impact on learning.  My family experiences that every day by having my son home for virtual learning. I also know from experience as an educator, that the reality of operating within schools SAFELY during the Covid 19 pandemic and bringing ALL students back in the building (at the same time) is NOT realistic.

This disease is contagious, deadly, and has already claimed 300,000 lives in the United States alone and counting. To know that the common cold and as well as the flu are easily spread between children and adults within schools every year, but think that a contagious and deadly disease is no is absurd. As much as every parent, including me, has the desire to bring ALL students back in the school building and classrooms (at the same time) is NOT realistic. It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to abide by CDC safety protocols ( which people are urged to follow in every public place that you can go out to) with the general enrollment of students in the building.

I truly believe returning our kids to school is a PRIORITY, but it must be done SAFELY. Until we get to that time, here is one simple and effective way to help your child be successful whether learning remotely or by heading off to school.  Have your child choose an identified place that is comfortable, but conducive for learning to “home school” or complete their virtual learning activities. Allow them to use this area consistently for this purpose.

My son strangely finds our bedroom (my husband’s work desk) as “his classroom” to be his comfortable space. Whatever and wherever space is, be sure that it is clutter-free, clean, and provide good working space to complete their tasks or assignments. Also, be sure that it’s as quiet and distraction-free as possible. Set the expectation of how they should work in their workspace. I usually explain using first, then.  For example, first, you will complete reading online with the teacher as well as your reading assignment, then you can take a 15-minute break doing…. I have found that setting up this structure, a productive work environment, explaining the expectations clearly, and allowing my son to see that there is an end to the work helps with staying focused and completing assignments/activities. He also brings ALL, and I do mean ALL of his stuffed animals to serve as students /classmates.

It’s okay for them to do that if it will not be a distraction. You know your kiddos and anything that will distract them or take their focus away from learning is not encouraged; it’s about making that space comfortable for them to be productive, but yet not distracted. Set an agenda for activities including reading and math if your child does not already have one provided. These may include listening to a read-aloud from Storyline Online then ask the child who, what, when, where, why comprehension questions about the story. The animations are amazing and help to bring reading to life! It’s especially great for elementary-aged kids. Whatever activities you choose to do for the day, just be sure not to overwhelm them with too many options as well as keep a consistent, tidy, workspace. Remember, a tidy desk makes a tidy mind, so keep it neat!

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