Episode 5: Tip#1- Organize your schedule by adding structure

Check out this first tip to get you started with structuring and organizing the chaos to make for a smoother day.

 This Lady Needs Structure!

I don’t know about you, but I LOSE IT when life seems out of order… which is every day, right?!?!?!!! So, you may say, no, not really. If you said, no, CONGRATULATIONS because you’re already winning at this! If you’re on the opposite spectrum of this, like most of us and you said, YEP! That’s me! You may find this tip super basic, but just the reminder that you needed. 

In life, there are certainties and uncertainties just as there are things that can be controlled and other things that can’t. For those things you have absolutely no control over, you must genuinely embrace letting go sometimes for the sake of sanity… and for everyone else’s sanity in the house.

 So, for things that are within your control, like a routine or schedule for the day, try to implement a schedule that can be maintained on a regular and consistent basis. Set a time for tasks and try to stick with them. However, don’t beat yourself up if you struggle with getting it done. We all have to be flexible and remember to give ourselves a little grace. So when possible, try to maintain a schedule. 

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Sending you lots of Smom love, hugs, and kisses your way!

Jess Peachy

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