Episode 9: Tip #5 Routines Help Reduce Meltdowns

Routines, in my opinion, are the best thing since sliced bread! A good routine goes hand in hand with organization and structure.  Having a routine has helped our son adjust to having school at home without him acting out or having a meltdown because he still feels pieces of a normal school day. It also helps that his dad and I work very well together and have our roles with him.

We both try to normalize this as much as possible and explain to him the importance of social distancing, why we must operate in this manner right now, and answer any questions that he asks without getting too much into the grown-up stuff with Covid-19. Sesame Street has great resources for kids pertaining to talking to them about Coronavirus.  Does he ask about things being normal again? Yes! Does he miss school and his teachers? Absolutely! At this time, we have explained that we want to keep our thermometers green and for now, this is something that will help us in doing that.

 My child is an only child so it has been particularly hard for him because his dad and I have had to serve as his playmates. This is a situation that none of us asked for or want to be in, but I simply believe that we must do our part in helping our world heal and work towards trying to move forward.  One of the things that have been helpful in providing him with opportunities to talk to peers via zoom chats. 

There are a few of his classmates from last year that logs into a zoom session for a “playdate” and we do this with his cousins as well. This has been working well. It’s also important that parents try to keep a calm disposition about this around their children, they will be a little less anxious in this experience. Our babies know when we are anxious, angry, sad, and all of the above. It is unrealistic that we can hide how we are feeling. That is far from what I am suggesting. I am, however, suggesting that we remember that our kiddos are always watching. So, sometimes stepping away to get ourselves together is much better than having a complete conundrum in front of them.

 In addition, the perspective is always key. We have to train ourselves to keep a mindset of the glass half full and that we are almost at the finish line, rather than to look at it as an almost empty glass that has no chance of a refill. 

Color your thoughts BeYou-tiful

-Jess Peachy

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    1. Yes! I have learned a lot through my own little one on this topic. The more consistency we can provide with routines and activities, the better they will respond to less favorable tasks too. Thanks for checking in! Jess Peachy

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