Tip #2 Try to Keep/Maintain Consistent Weekly Schedule

Episode 6: Tip #2 Try to Keep/Maintain Consistent Weekly Schedule

It’s important to keep a sense of normalcy within times when it feels like there is none. One way you can accomplish this is by working toward constructing a schedule similar… NOT IDENTICAL to what life was like before the COVID-19 came along. Let’s be honest, if you don’t have to wake up at 4:15 a.m. to start your day, DON’T! Get that extra sleep that your body has been needing and probably missing. Simply pick a time that works for you and your household.

If your kiddos are doing schooling at home and you are working from home, get up and get ready as if you are “going” to school and work. It helps the children see normalcy for what would typically happen before all the changes took place. Have the kids get dressed as if they are “going to school.” Students are still participating in aspects of their regular school day via virtual learning and others are actually going to school. In our household, my husband still gets our son ready (most mornings) in the morning on weekdays whether I work remotely or in the building because that was part of our normal routine before the change occurred. 

My son thrives on a schedule so it helps a lot for him. So even though my son is home participating in virtual learning for school, we try to arrange some things to mimic as if he were going to school. Examples include getting dressed for the day, socializing and playdates with friends or relatives via virtual sessions, and he brings all of his stuffed animals down to his virtual classroom to learn. Once I come home, I even pretend that I am the bus driver/car line pick up monitor/daycare line monitor/ crossing guard for the “friends at school” so that they can be dismissed to go home (this is also my secret to my son moving all these toys and stuffed animals out of my living room and back to the playroom.)

 Again, you have to gauge your situation and determine what this would look like for your household because all of our families are unique in their own right. However, I have definitely found that keeping a weekly schedule, when possible, to be very rewarding and quite helpful!

Small Wins

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