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Episode 3: S.M.O.M. What?

I’m Jessica, also known as Jess Peachy-Bloggin S.M.O.M.! I am a child of God, a wife, a mom, a teacher, and the owner of ArtistiKIDly Me As I Am (aKIDme) as well as S.M.O.M’s Lifestyle.  aKIDme and S.M.O.M’s Lifestyle are founded on the principle that we are all uniquely created by God…imperfectly perfect for a journey that is unique to each one of us. My mission is to encourage, uplift, and inspire mamas through empowerment and self-awareness to be and do their best in all things so that women in return can be their best selves for their kiddos.

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I KNOW that it is so important to fill children with positive messages that teach self-love, acceptance, and respect for themselves and others before they go out to take on their day. I also know that as a mom, sometimes we give so much of ourselves, we forget to pour into ourselves as well so that we can continue to fill our children’s cup up.

Inspiration Snack #1

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This is equally important if not MORE important because if you’re not on top of your game… neither will the players that are a part of your team! Think of it this way; you board an airplane (this was ALL before the BIG ELEPHANT known as Covid-19 went trampling across the globe setting records that will NEVER be award-worthy) to take your long-awaited trip to the exotic Caribbean. You board the plane with your one carry-on bag that you stuffed borderline beyond MAXIMUM capacity because you are a frugal S.MO.M.You find your more frugal coach seat, put your bag overhead, and have a seat. You are super excited to get those tasty pretzels and half a cup of Sprite offered by the flight attendant because this is your first time in five years you’ve had a trip that did not include packing a “blankie” or 15 “must-have” toys for a little human.

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But, let’s rewind back to when you board the plane before we get too far ahead on this imaginary trip. The flight attendant has to go over all the safety protocols while you are aboard. One of the most important pieces of information that they tell you is how to release and put on YOUR safety mask FIRST. You must help yourself BEFORE you can even try to help anyone else no matter how much you love them.

With that said, S.M.O.M, you must look out for yourself along WITH the team. So, on this blog that is what I plan to do. Pour into you! Put positivity, kindness, and support for moms from all walks of life, backgrounds, and challenges. A place for you to read about the highs and challenges that come with mothering our unique kiddos… because we all know not one child is like the other!

Inspiration Snack #3

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Now… S.M.O.M. what? What is S.M.O.M.? What does it even stand for? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. S.M.O.M. an acronym that I use for any mom, stepmom, grandmom, great grandmother, godmother, aunt, sister, caretaker, or even teacher who has a little one that looks up to them as a mom or mommy figure.

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The children of this generation are exposed to so many things so early and deal with so many challenges early on. It takes a Strong Mom on a Mission-S.M.O.M. to advocate, support, encourage, uplift and inspire them to succeed and make it to the other side of success by being their bridge.

So for every S.M.O.M. out there who is wearing what sometimes feels like 500 hats and trying to do all they can to make the difference or make a difference in the life of children that you birthed or children that you simply love as if you had them… know that YOU ARE AWESOME! Continue being the S.M.O.M. that you are… your little person is greatly inspired by it and appreciates it too!

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Color your thoughts BeYou-tiful… today, tomorrow, and forever too! 🙂

You can’t give everything to everybody when you have nothing left to give anybody-Jess Peachy

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