Episode 1: Intro of Smom Lifestyle

Hey there Smom! I know that you are a busy mama working toward the Smom Lifestyle, but guess what? So am I! Living in this hectic life of being a mama, wife, teacher( which we are all doing these days, but I am an actual teacher as well working in the public school system), business mama, and everything that falls between, we don’t have the luxury of enjoying any extra downtime. So, for all of us busy Smoms that still need and want a pick me up… a bit of encouragement, inspiration, to be uplifted in the time of “Is this really what we’re doing?” you have come to the right place! 

It’s a Smom’s Lifestyle Mini Blog! We have a compilation of miniature, quick reads that will give you that little boost you are needing to stay encouraged and inspired while on your Smom journey. Our Smom Lifestyle Mini Blog will give words of wisdom, motivation, Smom Lifestyle tips, and so much more for every strong mama on a mission. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get notifications of new posts, updates for the launch of our new, exclusive signature Smom Lifestyle Collection, as well as receive promotional offers and discounts. Come join the millions of Smoms already living the Smom Lifestyle!

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