How to Keep Your Marbles in the Midst of a Pandemic

Episode 4: How to Keep Your Marbles in the Midst of a Pandemic: Top 8 Tips for SMOM’s and Their families

Wow! I can’t believe that it’s winter already! This year has been quite interesting, and that is putting it EXTREMELY lightly. This year we’ve experienced some things like no other time in history, particularly the Covid-19 crisis that has plagued the entire world. The kids are home from school, and they are adjusting to their new virtual learning environment and how to have fun indoors without climbing the walls. Dad’s home now “working” from home, you may be home “working” from home or “working” at home, or even doing a mix of both (depending on how hard the pandemic has hit your area) more likely both, and if you’re like me and have a parent living with you as well, throw a dash of Mama’s bout to lose it” and we have a big pot of “ HOT MESS” with a side of “Jesus take the wheel” brewing for dinner.

Well, lucky you’ve found this page! At this point in time or better yet at this point in history, everyone can relate to this feeling right now. Folks have had to find a way to be okay and learn how to adjust to this new reality as of now. Here comes a little sunshine into your house! Encouragement, positive thoughts, and parenting tips to give a new perspective and ideas on how to help YOU keep your marbles with the kids while in this quarantine.

Let’s face it and be honest. This situation sucks! With that said, there are actually some positives that have come from this lemon conundrum. One being it has given EVERYONE nothing but TIME. This may have been time to clean, catch up with some unfinished tasks around the house, time with the kids and or your spouse, cooking, work on a hobby, finding a new hobby, reinventing yourself, starting a new business, TIME to REFLECT, this list can go on and on. However, one of the most valuable of these is TIME TO REFLECT. In reflecting, you have time to think about what is working and what isn’t. How you may need to adjust some things if this is going to be a new normal for a while. Reflecting on what you and your family can do to make this work and make the best out of what is truthfully simply just a tough time.

In my personal experience with adjusting to this new way of living life playing the role of mom, wife, teacher, daughter, and business owner and while doing them all in what often feels like at the same time. It has presented its set of challenges, but it has provided an even BIGGER opportunity to reflect, experiment, and restrategize. Check out these tips so that YOU can find out how to help your family easily make this transition smoother to benefit all who are involved.

Tip#1- Organize  your schedule  by adding structure

Tip#2 Maintain a weekly schedule even when the kids are not in school

Tip#3 Create a “Comfy”, yet productive work space

Tip #4 Take Brain Breaks

Tip#5 Healthy Routines Help Reduce Meltdowns

Tip#6 Remember to Pause a moment, and take some time for yourself

Tip#7 Do what you love that helps you relax

Tip#8 Take a deep breath… and KEEP CALM

Color your thoughts BeYou-tiful! Sending you lots of Smom love, hugs, and kisses! -Jess Peachy

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