Episode #10 Jump Start 2021: Moms in Business Quick Tips and Motivation for the New and Growing Mompreneur


I am Jessica Gay, wife, mother, teacher, and a mom in business, working hard to live the S.M.O.M. Lifestyle (strong mama on a mission)! As women in business, we have it hard. However, when you are a mom and in business, there are even more challenges that you seem to experience. This is a quick guide of motivation for helping the new and growing mompreneur. You will get tips on navigating a business as a mom, tips for developing your initial business plan, mom inspiration, and so much more! Be sure to also check out our blog, Smom’s Lifestyle- smomslife.com for more tips and motivation!

Intro: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!Thank you for your interest and support of aKIDme- Smom’s Lifestyle Collection. I began my journey as a mom in 2014 and my journey as a mompreneur in 2018. I had no experience, no business background, and no one to look to for help within my circle, including family; this was a brand new chapter that I had to figure out with the help of Google, Youtube, and trial and error.

In doing so, I have earned a lot and lost a lot, but the lessons and experiences of doing so have been priceless! It is my goal to encourage, uplift, and inspire women and/moms that are thinking about going into business as well as those moms that are simply growing in motherhood. So as you embark upon your journey as a mom in business, remember to give yourself grace and know that you are amazing, talented, and BeYou-tiful! Congratulations to you for taking the first step as a woman in business which is investing in yourself!

 I pray that if you are reading this that you and your family are well, safe, and healthy! It is finally 2021, and I have faith that this year will be filled with more prosperity, health, and far less CRAZY than what we have all experienced in 2020. So, with that said, OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW! 

A new year, new attitude, new opportunities, new ideas, new goals and plans… the focus word of the year is NEW year’s resolution. We all usually have an idea to loss weight and get fit, eat healthier, save more money, get organized, start a business, etc. January hits and we’re all energized and ready to start and hit the ground running. However, usually around March, April, May, the excitement that you initially began with is now a thing of the past, you’re back to old habits and ways of doing things, and that idea that you were so motivated to start in January has been just that… an idea.

Now, notice I referenced the aforementioned New Year’s resolution as an idea. That was done intentionally. A resolution is just that, an idea unless you add consistent action. One of your biggest hurdles can be yourself if you don’t begin with a plan. It’s not enough to have an idea, it takes so much more than that to bring an idea to life. It takes a shift in the way we think and live, it’s an action, it’s a commitment. If you are serious this year about having a more prosperous year in 2021 as a mom in business, then you have to start with an organized plan of action!

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Color your thoughts BeYou-tiful,

Jessica “Jess Peachy”

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