Letter to a Smom: Boobie Fav #2

Letter to a Smom: Boobie Fav #2

Dear Mom,

Boobie. Whether you are pregnant, breastfeeding, raising kids, or don’t have kids at all, I recommend this brand to every woman out there. Boobie is a brand that creates superfoods for every stage of motherhood, but you don’t have to be a mom to enjoy this! They offer delicious superfood meal replacement protein shakes in a variety of flavors including choclate, vanilla cookie, vanilla chai, and coffee caramel. My personal favorite has been chocolate. I love this product because it is made with healthy organic ingredients including organic flaxseed and chia, which are great for energy and digestion versus the other brands that tend to throw a lot of unhealthy additives and artificial ingredients. You simply scoop and add milk and you are good to go for a quick breakfast or mid day snack when you can’t get to a meal. What I love most… I actually feel full for hours! It’s my quick go-to when I need “food fast” without the “fast food.” Another smom fav that I would suggest adding to the pantry!



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