Letter to a Smom: Itzy Ritzy Fav #1

Letter to a Smom: Itzy Ritzy Fav #1

Hey There,

Are you a mom to be or mom to a little one? If so, diaper bags are simply a must for parenting and getting out the house with all the essentials. One of my Smom favs is Itzy Ritzy. This brand creates chic baby products for moms that help make life with littles a whole lot easier! They have many collections, styles, as well as other must have products like teethers, bottle carrier bags, stroller organizers and more. My personal fav is Itzy Ritzy’s Coffee and Cream diaper bag. I have the Boss Coffee and Cream diaper bag and the Mini Boss diaper bag. The boss is large, has many compartments for organization, and includes a very cute changing pad that easily wipes clean and maintains well after being put in the washer. The mini however, I use for myself. Yes, I walk around with a diaper bag even when I don’t have my baby girl with me. Why? It’s super cute, stylish and it's a great alternative to a purse. I have had so many compliments on my diaper bag turned purse from so many people who had no idea it was even a diaper bag! I love them and they are must haves and definitely Smom fav worthy!




You can shop Itzy Ritzy with confidence... there's no affiliate link here! I am just here to help out another mama because Empowered Women, Empower Women! 


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