Just a Little Plant Therapy

Just a Little Plant Therapy

Feeling a bit anxious, stressed, moody, or tense these days? Are you busy and looking for a quick remedy to bring more balance? Well, I have a tip that will surely bring you some peace, love, and joy all wrapped up! 


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Smom Tip: Adopt a plant, or 2, or more!

You need a safe haven; A safe haven is a place that provides people with an opportunity to escape from things that they find unpleasant or worrying. Create a space for yourself, that smells good, is clutter free, bright and inviting, and has PLANTS! Yes, I said plants!  I had no idea how powerful plants were and how helpful it is having them in your environment and workspace.



The greenery brings an added balance and calmness to your home and workspace. You don’t even need real ones. I love faux plants. They look beautiful, give that same balance and calmness, without the responsibility of watering them and losing its beauty! You can’t get any better than that now. If you are not into faux plants, then by all means get a real one… all I am saying is, girl, adopt a plant, become a plant smom…enjoy a little smom plant therapy. You will not regret it once you see how much value it adds to your space while also bringing you a bit of peace and calmness too. 

Color your thoughts beautiful!


Jess Peachy


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