Go out on a Limb

Go out on a Limb

Trying new things can be scary. You don’t know whether you may succeed or fail, whether you will win or lose, make money or lose money. However, if you never make the attempt, there is one thing you can be certain of.

What is that?

You will always wonder- What would my life have been like if I went after it?



Going after the unknown can make you feel doubtful and unconfident. However, you are the captain; you have the ability to be courageous, fierce, and simply unstoppable. Don’t allow fear to be stronger than your ability to put one foot forward. Yes, that is all it takes one foot forward in order to be in motion. So, go out and begin by taking that first step toward that new journey. Focus on what matters in the process which is simply starting. Remember this, don’t be afraid to go after what you want because you will never be able to grab the fruit if you don’t.


Jess Peachy

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