Focus on You Without Excuses… Self Care for YOU and See it Through

Focus on You Without Excuses… Self Care for YOU and See it Through

When you are working on becoming a better you….  Don't become over critical of yourself… give yourself some grace, lady… you have one of the toughest jobs that comes without monetary payment… but limitless rewards… that is “mommying.” mommy hood can be straight up hard! It doesn't come with a manual to explain step by step what to do and it doesn't come with a test crash dummy in case you mess something up. So know that you are human. You are entitled to make a mistake, you are entitle to a just saying it was a rough day today. We have to juggle a lot and have to be a lot to many people. Give yourself grace mama… don't become too fixated on the hurdles that present themselves as you are navigating your way through mommy-hood. 


 Let’s be honest, if anyone ever said that "mommying" was easy, they were lying to you! It’s not, but that doesn't mean you can’t be the best mom you can be… but that does mean that you have to pour into yourself by doing things that make you happy, make you feel valued, things that make you remember who you are outside of being a mommy. If you do this, you be able to give your family the best version of you. You will find yourself motivated and full of energy… wondering… why do I feel so energized today? You want to know why… its because you invested in you… self care is more than something to do. It is checking in on yourself, your mental well being, and most importantly, making time for a beautiful and valuable human being…. YOU.



Think of yourself as a plant. A plant doesn’t start out as a plant. It starts as a seed. As this seed is nurtured, cared for, watered, and nourished, it will begin to grow and produce more seeds that have the potential and ability to produce even more seeds because the original seed was adequately nurtured and cared for. So, I want to give you 10 ideas of some things to do for mommy self care. Before you say, I don’t have time… remember, you have to make the time for you and make yourself a priority in addition to your other responsibilities. However, these are things that can be short on time, but have long rewards for you. 

  1. Look in the mirror and do self affirmations.
  2. Listen to relaxing music and practice deep breathing
  3. Cook your favorite meal
  4. Write in a journal and reflect on what makes you beautiful inside
  5. Go for a walk
  6. Light your favorite candle
  7. Exercise
  8. Sleep
  9. Celebrate what you have accomplished -small wins make success
  10. Unplug-tv, social media, cell phone, email and just spend some time relaxing

Some time this week… devote time to yourself




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