Dream, Plan, Get it Done

Dream, Plan, Get it Done

Have you ever thought about picking up or starting a new hobby? Maybe you decided you wanted to work on strengthening a talent or special skill. Or maybe you are interested in dabbling into a little journey of becoming a business mama or as some say, “Mompreneur.”

If this sounds like you, then a hi five, pat on the back, and congratulations to you for taking the first step! You made the decision to take time for you and do something that is of interest to you; investing in yourself. 


So, now that’s out of the way...what’s next? Let’s just go all in and start this new idea, hobby, skill, business TODAY!

Sometimes, when people get a new idea they are so thrilled about it that they decide to get right to work, but  jump in head first! That sounds like the right thing to do, right? I mean, in order to get something done you need to have a little momentum. Being stagnant never produces results and you know that simply staring at an unplanted seed will never do anything to help it produce fruit. 

However, let me tell you, that jumping in head first is the WRONG approach! I have done it, lost lots of money and time just because I was so excited to get started, get moving, and make a few bucks on the side. Your very first plan of action isn't to run out to the store or run to your phone or laptop to spend money on this new endeavor. Your first plan of action is just that...PLAN.

When you have an idea, you can’t jump right in and lose your focus from the start. It is important to put a plan together. If you have a vision or dream that you are interested in working toward, here are some steps to consider to help get you moving.

  1. See the vision as one that can be attainable.
  2. Devise a short term goal and long term goal so that you stay focused
  3. Create a start day, a task to complete, and begin building a plan
  4. BEGIN- Don’t get too caught up in the planning process and never begin.

The most important part is to start, even when you feel like you don’t know how. Being stagnant leads to standing at the start line.


Jess Peachy


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