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3 Tips for Moms Getting Started with Self-Care: Make Time for Yourself S.m.o.m. and DON’T Feel Guilty About It!

Hey there S.M.O.M!

If you missed the first Blog, S.M.O.M. What, you may want to consider pausing this read to check out. S.M.O.M. What? It gives all the juicy details of what it takes to be a S.M.O.M., what the heck S.M.O.M. even stands for, and how you fit into it. I use this phrase frequently as I believe that all moms are S.M.O.M’s -Strong Mamas on a Mission. However, if you are a returning S.M.O.M., welcome back and continue on this blog! This week we’re talking all about how to take care of YOU.

It is October and around this time last year, many of us were sending the kids off to school, going off to work, and later finding time to do all of the day-to-day activities that come after. Heck, if you were really on your game, you may have even begun the groundwork of throwing in a little holiday planning too. However, 2020 has thrown lots of pie in our faces, some might even be a bit of humble pie and forced us all to change our ideas of normalcy.  Instead of the typical, many are making the hard decision of whether to send your kids back to school or invest in homeschooling, changing from your typical work office to working from home, and figuring out how to make it all work together with everyone in the house. With this said, at this point, we are all working hard to keep the ship sailing.

 There’s a lot that has to be juggled around now and a lot of things to figure out. S.M.O.M.s are asking questions like who will help the kids with their homeschooling, are they wearing their masks properly while they are at school,  are they washing their hands well, how will I be able to juggle working from home with the kids, am I really comfortable with going out for work, or do I really even have a choice about going out to work? These are just a few of the plaguing questions that so many moms are asking themselves. With moms spending so much time planning how to best look out for everyone in the family and work, this leaves little space for mom to look after one more person. One more person? Who is the one additional person that must be considered in the equation? That additional person is YOU! Moms spend so much time planning and preparing for the “what if’s” and the “when this happens” that you barely leave any room or time for yourself.

Forgetting to take care of yourself is one of the biggest mama mistakes out there. When you give so much of yourself without adequately putting back in, it becomes a set up for burnout, bitterness, and bad health. Neither of these is helpful in building up the S.M.O.M in you. I know, I know, I can already see those face muscles tightening, those gears in your brain turning, and hear you saying, “But I don’t really have time to think about myself. I have to work, I have to help with the kids, I have to play with the kids, and I have to breastfeed the baby, and not to mention find time for my husband… at some point! There is no time!” You must take the time to look out for your well-being too and DO NOT feel guilty for doing it! Just like all of the other obligations that you have that must be prioritized based on the order of importance, you must look at self-care in the same light. Self-care isn’t meant to be viewed as another task to add to the “to do” list, but simply something and some time that is saved for especially just for you. Burnout is real and no matter how much you love your little ones and your family, forgetting to take care of you can be very detrimental over time for your mental, physical, and emotional health, as well as your overall well-being. With this in mind, S.m.o.m.’s Lifestyle is an extension of the ArtistiKIDly Me As I Am brand devoted to encouraging, uplifting and inspiring moms from all walks of life all around the world. My goal is to encourage you to engage in self-care to help you to be your best self! Doing so in return will help you give the best care to the ones that love you most!

Check out these 3 tips below to help you get started and set the mood be all about you!

Tip#1 Hop on a bed, chill a bit, and relax to a bit of Chillhop Music!

Music can be so relaxing and healing at the same time. One of the best things about music is that it is a language that is understood globally no matter where you live. If you have never experienced Chillhop Music, you have been missing out. I use it when working with my students, I use it at home with my son during our playtime, it is a great addition to setting the tone to be productive while working on things around the house early morning or late night, in addition to S.M.O.M. bosses that have businesses too. Check out the link for my favorite Chillhop Music playlist when I want to relax, but not fall asleep…. We all know that sometimes break time can lead to nap time!

Tip#2 Essential Time + Essential Oils= S.M.O.M’s Essential Care

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE organic essential oils, and my diffuser. Depending on my mood and what I want to get accomplished at a given time determines which oil I use. Organic Essential Oils can have so many mental, emotional, and physical health benefits. One of my favorite oils is Eucalyptus. It’s great for focus and clarity. I love smelling this during my shower time which is usually the time I get inspired with new ideas.

Tip #3 Exercise your Mind, Body, and Soul

Exercise is great for your overall health. Whether you like hardcore workouts that push you to your limits, gentle work outs that include gentle stretches and movements, or taking walks around the neighborhood. No matter what your workout looks like, it is great for helping to clear your mind, strengthen your body, and release tension from the body. I can’t honestly say that I engage in this activity as much as I would like, however, I am making it a goal of mine to try to consciously make time for physical health. When I do exercise, my personal preferences are walking and yoga.

These are just a few tips to help get you on your way to making time for self-care. Whether you enjoy listening to music, relaxing with essential oils, exercising, or something completely different, the overall lesson is to simply make time for yourself!

I will leave you with this nugget, you are only given one body while living on this earth. If you don’t take care of it, you will not be here to care for the ones that you love… this is the hard truth and reality. You can make the choice to make time to care for yourself, or you will reach a point when your body will make the choice for you. “You can’t give everything to everybody when you have nothing left to give anybody” -Jess Peachy

Color your thoughts “BeYou”tiful… and until next time, be well!

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